Tire Evaluation – Schwalbe Lugano

The Schwalbe Lugano is your entry-level street bicycle tire from Schwalbe. This is an overview of this 700 x 25C folding variant of this Lugano. A much more affordable wire bead version can be obtained also. After assessing all specifications, then the wire bead version ought to be quite similar to the fold edition. The Lugano includes a 50 TPI casing, a diamond tread profile, silica rubber compound, and a K-Guard coating for additional puncture protection.

On paper, the Lugano appears to be a fantastic tire which should work well on our evaluations. Most tires that match the cheapest cost category appear to get a 20-30 TPI carcass, no silica chemical, without a complex “K-Guard” style puncture protection. When you blend these specifications together with the Schwalbe brand name, which will be notorious for producing exceptional low rolling resistance tires, so you may just anticipate the Lugano for a good actor.

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The specified weight of this folding variant of this Lugano is 280 g. I have measured my sample of this Lugano in 275 g, which is a decent burden for a 25 millimeter street bicycle tire. The strand version is a lot heavier with a predetermined weight of 350 g. Having a measured diameter and elevation of 25 and 23 mm respectively, the Lugano is bigger compared to most other 25C tires that come nearer to 26/27 mm in my 17C border.

Rolling resistance with an air pressure of 120 psi is 21.9 g, which is quite high already. At lower air pressures, rolling resistance climbs sharply to 22.6, 24.4 and 28.4 g at 100, 80 and 60 psi respectively. Another thing that I discovered during the evaluation is that the Lugano needed a colossal height stroke. Most tires do so, however the Lugano was awful, you will likely notice it to the bike. This is a indication of low fat control. Get Redirected Here if you want to know more about nashbar earl grey floor pump.

I have to state that I didn’t anticipate rolling immunity to be this significant. For this writing, the Lugano gets the greatest rolling resistance of all tires which were examined. Its amusing that Schwalbe currently occupies the first and final place from the rolling resistance graph. Materials and excellent management can make a major difference.

* Sidewall puncture resistance is new information that’s been inserted after writing this review.

Contrary to the rolling resistance component, puncture resistance appears to be adequate with a score of 14 points at the puncture test. This is marginally above summer time tires and much better compared to Vittoria Zaffiro that is a scooter at precisely the exact same price class. I have to add that the Zaffiro does possess a far lower rolling resistance.

Dependent on the rolling resistance test results, I simply can not suggest the Schwalbe Lugano for anybody. These tires may seriously slow down you; a few mountain bike tires even have a lot lower rolling resistance. In addition to this, quality control appears to be reduced as the Lugano employed for this evaluation came with a serious height stroke. To keep the cost low, they probably only do not bin the terrible tires.

If you do not need to devote a lot of money on tires, then I really do recommend to slightly up the funding and then browse my reviews of this Continental Grand Prix and Vittoria Rubino Pro. Those are not that much longer but execute near top-of-the-line tires. They’ll save you up to 20 watts of electricity to get a set of tires.